Focus On The Right Thing.

Focus On The Right Thing.

Fat loss and weight loss are not the same thing!! Yet we seem so obsessed with WEIGHT LOSS. Ashlee Winstanley explains why quick weight loss approaches never last.

Why is ‘Weight’ loss not a good indicator to measure your progress?  

The funny thing is your ‘weight’ fluctuates everyday – as you will find out when someday you step on the scale happy and others you think what the hell!!!


Weight loss is never a true representation of your progress. There are so many things that can affect the amount you weigh just in one day including if you have trained or not, if you have been to the loo or not, how much your have drunk … or not.


Fat loss however is a much more reliable representation of your progress as it does not fluctuate over the space of a day – and sometimes even a week. Instead fat loss occurs after consistency over a period of time. The only thing that will affect your fat loss is if you do or don’t stick to your plan!


When you say ‘you want to lose weight’ what you actually want to do is ‘lose fat’. So instead focus on the FAT LOSS progress! It will be much more consistent over a period of time without the highs and lows (and the highs and lows in your mood because of it).


To monitor your fat loss start using a tape measure and looking for your body losing inches and not just pounds. There is little that will affect the measurements moving unlike the scale. Taking pictures every few weeks will also help you visually see where you are losing fat – something the scale does not tell you.


You will never weigh the same every day. Stop losing faith with your progress just because of the number on the scale. Focus on what you are actually trying to achieve – a change in body composition which means changes in your measurements and a change in body shape.


The other biggest issue with WEIGHT LOSS is the time scale.

Slow and steady always wins the race…

We learnt this as kids with the turtle and the hare story yet still don’t apply this to our life! 

When It comes to dieting, weight loss or transforming our body we need to think long term if we want to keep the progress for life. 

For weight loss many of us may have tried to be a hare as a method to lose weight rapidly, having to go to extremes with our nutrition which also results in very unenjoyable process. Restricting and making everything 10x harder as you haven’t given yourself enough time – the rushed approach. 

9 times out of 10 this quick fix will not last longer than a week or so (short term) before we return to where we began = all that hard work and nothing to show at the end = start all over again and repeat the process. 

7 weeks in and the total progress of about 1lb. The Zig Zag / Yoyo approach – as you can see gets you nowhere over a long period of time spent on ‘a diet’. 

More importantly the weight you lose in your 1 week ‘detox’ or what ever quick fix you are doing 99% will NOT be fat loss. Just the extra water, maybe a bit of muscle and maybe the fact your no longer constipated. Hence why it always comes straight back on.



The turtle approach of slow and steady giving yourself enough time to make the changes you need technically over the same period of time you will have spent yo-yoing. 

The difference with more time means a more relaxed approach, allowing more flexibility and increasing the enjoyment process by 100 if not more.

The end result – continuous progress that LASTS! At no point will you return back to your starting position AND reach your goal.

Take your time.
Be a turtle.
Win your race.

So if you are just starting your body transformation journey. Focus on what really counts, what it is you are actually trying to achieve and monitor your FAT LOSS to show your real results. 

Thats why at Body Comp we understand how important the enjoyment factor of the process is taking away the stress element and rushing results. All our clients come on a journey with us achieving continuous results they can maintain for life. For the same period of time they have tried to lose weight themselves (and put it back on) they are able to achieve the goals they set out to. 

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Ashlee x


Ashlee Winstanley is a qualified nutrition and lifestyle coach, on a mission to call out the BS when it comes to fad diets and quick fixes and instead prove the power of nutrition to improve your health. 

If you'd like to achieve a sense of food freedom and learn to love the right foods, Ashlee offers nutrition coaching to clients who are fed up of restrictive fad diets and want to learn a sustainable formula for life. No rules, just solid education and inspiration to guide you to love food and use it to fuel your happy, lean and healthy body.

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