How To Eat More For Less

How To Eat More For Less

When it comes to wanting to lose weight, we have to do a few things to make this happen and one of those is eating less calories than we currently are. Fear Not! Coach Carl has his ‘top swaps’ tried and tested, to help you get the body you want.

So what if i told you there are foods out there that we can eat more of to help with feeling full, keeping hunger away for longer but also saving on your calorie intake?

Check out these top food swaps to save the cals but none of the flavour!


Swap regular bagels for thin bagels

If you know me at all, you’ll be very aware of my love for bagels! So when I’m dieting to get shredded and want to keep the (other) love of my life in my diet, I’ll get rid of the full bagel and bring in the ‘bagel thin’. Depending on what bagel you’d normally get and where from, you can save around 200-240 calories with this simple change.


Swap heavy mayo or cream cheese for Greek yogurt or quark

Condiments/dips like mayo and cream cheese are super heavy in fats and calories and because they come out of jars, most of us don’t have a decent measure of this and go WAY over the top!

If you were to ditch these items and bring in higher protein options like Greek yogurt and quark (a natural, low-fat, soft cheese), you’ve got the potential to save yourself a tonne of calories.


Swap regular pork sausages for chicken sausages

When the HECK company started doing chicken sausages, I’ll be honest and say this might have been one of the best days of my life…. No joke. I was able to bring meals like bangers and mash, toad in the hole and sausage sandwiches back into my life without the crazy high fat and calories that go along with them.

If you look at the nutritional info on a pack of normal pork sausages, you’ll usually find that the fat content in grams is actually higher than the protein! Given that 1 gram of fat has 9 calories compared to just 4 calories in 1 gram of protein, it’s no wonder I took sausages out of my life for a while; they just weren’t worth the calories. This swap will save around 280 calories and 11g fat!


Bring in popcorn instead of nuts

I get that nuts are ‘healthy fats’ and full of nutrients but they are also full of calories! And lots of them. A 200g bag of pistachio nuts can do over 1,000 calories of damage in just 5-10 minutes.

The best thing to do here is bring in something like lightly salted popcorn and save your hips and your waistline at the same time.


Swap pasta for courgette

Personally, I think this is one of the best volume fillers and calorie savers out there. I even cook courgette through my morning porridge to use less oats and still keep my bowl full.

Of course, you can still lose weight eating pasta if you do everything else right but in the context of this blog, this is a brilliant swap as usually you have to eat a lot of pasta to actually feel full: you get very little bang for your buck with pasta.


Frozen Yogurt over Ice Cream

Regular ice cream can reach up to 400+ calories with around 20g of fats! Frozen yogurts that taste just as good will save you a shit tonne of calories if you fancy a dessert. Add some calorie free sauce and you’ve got a 100-150 dish. 



Swap a shop bought latte for a skinny cappuccino or Americano

I like coffee just as much as the next person but I also see a shop bought coffee as a luxury item. Therefore, I always opt for a skinny option, saving myself around 150 or more calories per cup. 

Most of us don’t just have one of these a day but two or even three. In liquid alone you are potentially drinking upwards of 300-400 extra calories and spending around £5-10 a day on the stuff.

Do your wallet and waistline a favour by buying less frequently and opting for a skinny option.



Swap higher fat options for low fat options

The last on here really is an obvious choice and it really isn’t rocket science.

As long as you have a controlled, good balance of healthy fats in your diet from foods like olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, some nuts and seeds etc.….. then do the sensible thing and eat lower fat foods like reduced fat meats, low calorie condiments, semi/skimmed milk. Anything that’s had its calories reduced WILL help you get to your fitness goals. Simple. As. That.


Losing weight isn’t easy but it certainly isn’t difficult. If you really want it and make small changes to your life like these swaps above, then the small changes will eventually lead into bigger, better and longer-lasting results.


Coach Carl



Coach Carl is a qualified nutrition and lifestyle coach, with a very straightforward approach to helping people achieve their fitness goals. 

If you’re fed up of getting nowhere fast, wanting to learn about your nutrition and ACTUALLY getting the results you deserve, Carl offers nutrition coaching to clients who are fed up of restrictive fad diets and want to learn a sustainable formula for life. No BS, just solid education and inspiration to guide you to love food and use it to fuel your happy, lean and healthy body and a blue print to eventually do it alone.

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