Nutrition Approaches That Work For YOU

Nutrition Approaches That Work For YOU

Want to make your Fat loss easier? OR how about make your nutrition fit your life more? Well Ashlee Winstanley has a few tricks up her sleeve with finding the best approach for you.


How to make your nutrition fit your week, stay on track with social events AND stay consistent for longer?? Sounds impossible right?


My nutrition top tip – always focus on your weekly average calories and split them up to suit your life best whether that is for calorie amounts of the type of food. Weekly Averages WIN.


First weekly average:  calorie cycling

So how does this work?

Your calories do not need to be ridged everyday (unless you want them too or find this method easier). However, for many of my clients that want to change their body composition, calorie cycling makes it much easier for them to stick to the plan or improvise to make the plan fit in with them.


Prefer more calories on the day you train?

Simply split your weekly calories with reducing your non-training day calories slightly and increasing the calories on the day you train. At the end of the week you are still eating the same amount.


Struggle not to blow them all at the weekend?

EASY! Lower your week day calories and use the remainder of your average weekly calories for the weekend. Again, at the end of the week you will have still eaten the right amount.


I find calorie cycling much easier and more relevant to fit in with ‘everyday life’. Got a social event this weekend? Got a big session planned tomorrow? You can make your calorie intake work for you just by manipulating your numbers on the days you want.


Obviously, there are other ways to change your calories but this is something I have found very successful for myself and with my clients. So, if you always feel like you are blowing your calories over the weekend of feel you’re not eating enough on your training days, cycle your calories to work better FOR YOU. At the end of the week you will still be on the exact same average but with more freedom, less guilt and still get the results you are after.



Another issue I see regularly with calories (and blowing them) comes down to food choices and the level of flexibility with what you can eat and remain on track.


Second weekly average:  The 80/20 rule of nutrition


So how does this work?

Instead of going for a “cheat meal” where you ban all ‘bad’ foods until one day and then go wild for 1 meal (or in some cases 1 day) taking your calories WAAAYYY over why not factor in the foods you enjoy in moderation into your calories whist still getting the nutrition your need so you can enjoy what you are eating MORE and stay consistent for a longer period of time. 

With 80 / 20 rule you get the best of both worlds! The 80/ 20 approach to nutrition simply means 80% of the time you make healthy nutritious food choices that allows you to work at your best. The remaining 20% gives you the flexibility to choose or indulge on whatever you fancy whilst still remaining in control and within your calorie range. Pretty simple right? 

Weight loss and progress all comes down to calories in vs calories out. This doesn’t mean you have to eliminate all calorie dense foods and make your life miserable. Instead think long term – how can you stay on track for life, enjoy what you’re eating, and not blow it every week on a free for all binge on your favorites foods? Learn how to factor them in you weekly average calories whilst still eating nutritionally to help your body perform at its best. 

Using a weekly average of 80% nutritious allows you to factor in your social events, meals out etc. without blowing your weekly progress or feeling guilty - described in my personal life dictionary as BALANCE!

A better relationship with food and stay in control with your calories to make the progress you are after try the 80/20 approach – works brilliant on holiday too!


If you want to enjoy your weight loss approach more, find a routine that is less rigid and still hit your weekly goals don’t be frightened of working your calories to suit your life. Focusing on the weekly averages of your nutrition is much more sustainable, removes the guilt of ‘eating out’ or ‘off plan’ and still gets results.


It works for all my clients. Why not see if it will work for you too?


Ashlee x


Ashlee Winstanley is a qualified nutrition and lifestyle coach, on a mission to call out the BS when it comes to fad diets and quick fixes and instead prove the power of nutrition to improve your health. 

If you'd like to achieve a sense of food freedom and learn to love the right foods, Ashlee offers nutrition coaching to clients who are fed up of restrictive fad diets and want to learn a sustainable formula for life. No rules, just solid education and inspiration to guide you to love food and use it to fuel your happy, lean and healthy body.

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