Nutrition Myths That Need To Die

Nutrition Myths That Need To Die

The old tales and myths on how to lose weight or what not to eat, I'm sure we have all been stung by a few of these! Coach carl puts the old myths to bed with what is true about nutrition 

The Nutrition Myths That Need To Die!


I have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years now and I have seen and heard some ridiculous stuff in my time. Plus, I’ll be super honest…. I’ve definitely been had by some of these back in my less educated days. So, like… last year….? Jokes.


But I’m OK with this. You see, as a coach it’s important to see where you got shit wrong because this allows you to get it right later down the line. And you can help your clients more along the way by not letting them make the same silly mistakes you did.


So here are the 8 nutrition myths that really, REALLY need to go and jump off a cliff:


1. No carbs after 6pm, you’ll get fat! – No, you won’t.

I fell for this one back in the day, most likely a Men’s Health recommendation (this was essentially my nutrition and training bible while growing up). In fact, yes! It was from a Ryan Reynolds article.

For some reason, everyone thought that if you ate a carb even just one minute after 6pm, some demon would work its FAT magic on you - your whole day’s efforts would be useless. 

Post-6pm for most people is their time to chill out, watch their favourite TV show and aimlessly snack their faces off, often reaching for those easy-to-grab sugary snacks. By eating carbs with dinner, sugary cravings can be avoided, so you’d be massively reducing your calorie intake which is a good thing for fat loss.

It’s useful but not essential. As long as overall daily calories are in check, having a ‘carby’ meal before bed is a great feeling and can aid with better sleep.


2. The time you eat is more important than how much you eat – Nope... it’s definitely not.

Your overall calorie intake is what’s more important.

You could eat all your food in the morning, or all of your food in the evening.

If you’re burning more calories than you’re eating over a 24-hour period, you can eat your food whenever you blimming like sir.

Although I wouldn’t recommend that as your energy might be a little shitty at times.


3. Too much protein is bad for your kidneys – No… you’ll be fine.

Essentially as long as you don’t have kidney disease, adding more protein to your diet is a very good thing for muscle building and fat loss. 

It helps promote muscle growth, keeps you fuller for longer and your body has to work harder to digest it. Your body burns calories when you eat (this is called the ‘thermic effect of food’). When eating carbs and fats your body uses 15% energy (calories) to digest. Push that to a 30% effort for your body to breakdown protein. That’s a win win in my book.


4. You can only digest 30 grams of protein at a time - the rest just gets pooped out – If this was the case we wouldn’t have made past the ‘caveman’ days.

Your protein absorption slows down the more you eat in one sitting and therefore you may poop a little bit of it out. But that’s all. It’s still calories and it’s still energy for the body.

What’s more important here really is; what is the biggest driver for muscle growth?! Is it the amount of protein you eat over a day or how you spread it out? 

Here is where the 30 gram max protein intake is actually beneficial.

Leucene (an amino acid) is the best driver for muscle growth. Person depending, we need 3-5g of leucine to spike ‘muscle protein synthesis’ and you’ll get this with around 30-40g of protein per meal. So essentially a 150-200g chicken breast is perfect. If you can hit that 3-5g of leucine 3-4 times a day, you’re more likely to retain or build more muscle overtime.


5. Fat is bad for you – Nope…. Without it you’ll have the sex drive of a slug!

Think of fats as healthy hormones and we really need these to function well! Trans fats are the ones you want to avoid if you can. But again, these are fine in moderation.

Yes, fats are very calorie-heavy at 9 kcals per 1g compared to protein and carbs that come in at 4 kcals per 1g. Therefore, we don’t need as many fats in the diet…. BUT WE STILL NEED THEM.

With fats just remember, a little goes a long way.


6. Put a stick of butter in your black coffee – damn it! This is possibly the one I am most embarrassed about.

Making a 300-400 calorie energy drink first thing in the morning then eating a later breakfast is to go down the most stupid bit of weight loss advice…EVER! 

Replacing a good quality, nutrition dense breakfast with something that is probably going to be the same number of calories but much less nutritional is ridiculous.

Yes, you’ll get a nice kick in the morning but the 300-400 calories that come with it…… it’s not worth the calories as Prue on The Great British Bake Off would say.


7. Eat 5-7 smaller meals for fat loss – Gees, I used to have an alarm set on my watch that when off every 2-2.5 hours the remind me to go and eat!

The thinking behind this nutrition myth was that by eating more frequently, you will be able to keep your metabolism revving all day long and therefore burn fat for rapid weight loss.

Folks, you could eat 3 big meals a day or you could eat 7 small ones. If both add up to the same calorie intake by the end of the day and you’re in a calorie deficit (burning more than you consume) …. it won’t matter shit. It comes down to the calories.

So, this one really is the preference of the individual as both meal methods can work as long as you’re in the calorie deficit.


8. Detoxing is a great way to lose fat – you know that thing we all have… you know the one…that’s right… a LIVER!

Juicing, detoxing, water fasting, what do they all have in common?  They get you into a calorie deficit without you having to track anything and so you lose weight. Simple.

All you’re doing is starving yourself. You’re likely to have done this because other methods like exercise and nutrition just haven’t given you the results you wanted. 

We go to these extremes because we aren’t patient enough when it comes to dieting.

If it took you months and years to put it on, it’s not going to take days and weeks to get it off. 

I hope these myths can now be put to bed! However, if you’re more confused than ever now, give me a shout. You don’t need to make the same mistakes that I have made. Get in touch for more advice on how you can get your nutrition right for you by emailing 


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