6 Week Reset Group Coaching

6 Week Reset Group Coaching

Who wants to start there New Year with a PLAN?

Its Christmas then we blink and before we know it January is here. With the New Year’s resolutions to become ‘Fit’ AGAIN, followed by the fad diets to shrink your fat overnight, that don’t last more than a week…. sounds familiar? Its time to join coach Ashlee Winstanley for the right plan to start your year successfully. 

The festive season is well under way and you may have found your carrying the evidence around with you....


January is the time for the new year new you.

Resolutions you don’t stick to after a week.

The fad diets you try to be skinny again. In a day.


So before you start your juice detox 

Your no carbs

Your cardio in a bin bag



No one wants to be Karen drinking her kale smoothie starting the new year feeling miserable!

Instead its time to RESET yourself to start a year successfully, with the easy approaches that WORK.

So many people start their weight loss journey expecting a ridiculous plan, a load of rules and the process to be HARD.

What my previous clients soon understand is how this involves no dieting, no restriction and fits YOU LIFE. Giving you all the tools you need to succeed.

When New Year Comes we all fall in the trap of feeling like we have to diet, we need to get back in shape as soon as possible and we go to extreme unhealthy measures to try and achieve it. 





Its time to reset to the best you this New Year ...


So for 6 weeks I, Ashlee Winstanley, am going to coach you and show you the right way in every area:

  • Nutritionally with bespoke easy to follow nutrition plan
  • Tailored training programs for either at home or the gym
  • A weekly check in with myself to monitor your progress
  • Accountability and support from me and the group to keep you on track
  • Starter pack and recipe book
  • Mindset tasks and most importantly fun and banter!


*** Starting Monday 8th January 2018 ****

(All for £99 for the whole 6 weeks)

To help you BEFORE you start making your New Year resolutions I have created a work book for you to help you start your new year the way you want. To appreciate the year you already have had and to use this to define your goals for next year. 

This book will help you work out your resolutions, your focuses and the habits you need to address to see what changes you need to make for a successful start to the year.

New year is the time for the "New Year New me" with a set of new year resolutions you never see through to the end


Its time to stop looking BACK at what we wanted and instead look FORWARDS at what we can become.


Then if you need the help to stick to what you have committed to yourself join my private 6 week group coaching program that will ensure you do as you say with the correct programs to get you there.

No failing.

Its time to rest your mind, your health and your energy.

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Ashlee Winstanley is a qualified nutrition and lifestyle coach, on a mission to call out the BS when it comes to fad diets and quick fixes and instead prove the power of nutrition to improve your health. 

If you'd like to achieve a sense of food freedom and learn to love the right foods, Ashlee offers nutrition coaching to clients who are fed up of restrictive fad diets and want to learn a sustainable formula for life. No rules, just solid education and inspiration to guide you to love food and use it to fuel your happy, lean and healthy body.

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