How Many Calories Do You Eat At Christmas

How Many Calories Do You Eat At Christmas

Christmas day calories… Do they still count at Christmas??

Christmas is a day of indulgence but just how far do we take it?

On average, we will consume a grand total of 6000 calories on Christmas day ALONE…


It’s pretty easy to do. Starting the morning celebrations with a few glasses of fizz, then a couple of mince pies and the mini ‘pre- dinner’ buffet. Christmas dinner with all the trimmings finished off with a Christmas pud. Wash it down with a few mulled wines, then start nibbling on the chocolate stash before going to bed with a left-over turkey butty …. And breathe! (if you can)

Equalling 6000 calories … 3x or more than the amount you will normally eat


If you were to try this not at Christmas you could give it a go with 118 chicken nuggets, 26 doughnuts, 12 Big Macs, 22 pork pies, 55 two-finger Kit-Kats, 32 slices of pizza, 53 bags of Quavers or 131 Jaffa Cakes….


If you where to eat Christmas every day you would gain more than 26 stone in a year!


At body Comp we love Christmas, and we know our clients do too so instead of worry about the Christmas blow out here is what we suggest to do and not to do this Christmas to keep you on track.

  1. Worry about this one day. In the grand scheme of things its just a drop in the ocean
  2. When you are actually full STOP EATING
  3. Get as much turkey and veg on your plate as you can, you will be that stuffed your less likely to nail the chocolates
  4. Start your morning with a walk (get some oxygen in your brain before the alcohol!)
  5. Get a workout in the day before and the day after 
  6. Know that the scale WILL go up – but imagine you standing on a scale holding a suitcase with that amount of food… its going to!
  7. Be realistic that after around a week of being back in control your body will come back down (weight and measurement wise)
  8. Which means, don’t try and burn those ‘extra calories’ off in one day… you won’t last and 8 hour run trying to burn a few thousand calories in one go. Break it down over a weeks period with your training and exercise.
  9. Start to increase your water again as guaranteed 50% of this will have been replaced with alcohol
  10. Have a plan for after Christmas with what you want to do, focus on, achieve then Christmas day doesn’t turn into a Christmas week


Most importantly!!! Do not start January jumping on the fad diets wagon to get ‘skinny’ again over night in guilt of your over indigence. No short term quick fix will ever work or leave you feeling healthy again. Find a plan you can stick to, that fits your life, and that will not set you up to fail.

If you want the help, the plan and the guidance to stick to a suitable plan that will get you on the right track with your health and fitness not just to start the New Year but continue for life then why not check out the new 6 week Reset Program we run in January.

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Enjoy your christmas!!

Ashlee x


Ashlee Winstanley is a qualified nutrition and lifestyle coach, on a mission to call out the BS when it comes to fad diets and quick fixes and instead prove the power of nutrition to improve your health. 

If you'd like to achieve a sense of food freedom and learn to love the right foods, Ashlee offers nutrition coaching to clients who are fed up of restrictive fad diets and want to learn a sustainable formula for life. No rules, just solid education and inspiration to guide you to love food and use it to fuel your happy, lean and healthy body.

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