How To Survive Christmas

How To Survive Christmas

Your FREE guide to curing the hangover, the closed gym and the buffet blow out this week! Complete with everything you need to keep you alive this festive season... Download your Christmas Survival guide now!

Christmas Survival Guide 

From the buffet bulge at work to those one to many glass of bubbles at Christmas.

The Christmas season is upon us and the self-inflicted illnesses are being diagnosed from food, alcohol, lack of sleep and lack of movement. 

You know the feeling where the next day is a total write off.

Well not anymore!

Here we have put together some seasonal survival strategies so that you can emerge from the Christmas period feeling strong, full of energy and happy that you’ve continued to progress and not thwarted your health and fitness efforts.

This season the only ‘pig in blanket’ will the one on your plate, and not you binge watching Christmas films, wrapped up on the sofa surviving on Quality Street and leftover turkey.

From home workouts for when the gym closes


Curing a hangover 


A Christmas recipe book full of ideas to enjoy over your time off work

*We have got every situation covered this season*

Download yours here for free now!

From Myself and the Team at Body Composition Coaching 


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