Why February Is The New January

Why February Is The New January

Was January your ‘trail month’? Is February 1st your new ‘New Year’?

Let me guess your January diet went down the drain?


At the start of the year everyone is itching to get going on their fitness journey, lose weight and sort their life out after Christmas… sound familiar?


We’re all skint

Most of us were on Dry January to ‘detox’ the liver and the wallet

Hey we might have even stepped foot in a gym again!


So how did your January actually pan out?

Did you burn out by the end of Jan?

Did you stick to your ‘New Year New You’ fitness plans?

Did you make any progress at all this month or just fall back to square one?



February is like a wake up call … it’s no longer the 1st month of the year, there are no longer any excuses and before we know it summer is going to hit us in the face.

It’s time to make some changes


So why do so many of us fail in January:

- You didn’t set any realistic goals, usually just one giant one that is miles away from where we are starting from. Having one big goal to work towards is great but also setting mini targets along the way stops us burning out too quickly


- You don’t track your progress. If you don’t know what’s changing how do you know if your making results or not? Monitoring progress, be it by your body measurements, strength in the gym or how your clothes are starting to fit, is all the motivation we need to keep going when we can visually see and feel results. Progress drives motivation be it big or small… progress is still progress.


- You did not keep yourself accountable. This goes for everyone, if you are struggling to motivate yourself you will struggle to hold yourself accountable for your actions, that’s why a personal coach or trainer will keep you on track for longer as you have someone to be accountable to, for what you do or don’t! You can’t slip under the net or brush it under the carpet so you can keep starting again. Having someone to be accountable to means you’re no longer doing it for yourself you’re doing it for them too making your actions more of a necessity


- You tried to change too much. So many of us dive head first into the diet world and turn our life upside down to get quick fixes. Trying to diet, eating less and training twice or more a day is just too much to handle. The saying always goes, change too much change nothing. If your routine does not fit your lifestyle you will not be able to continue it. Fact. There is no need to go to massive extremes to make changes most of us just need to get our foundations in place as our starting point (the bit that always gets skipped)


So what do you need to do instead this month?


Number 1…   stop thinking of quick fixes and think more long term. What can you commit to and maintain for longer than a month, you now have the whole year left to work on.


Then set yourself realistic goals, what do you want to achieve and what is achievable. Set yourself up to win by setting targets along the way, whether they are weight targets, fitting in to a pair of jeans, being able to lift an extra 5kg in the gym... these are all targets with a focus.


Next address your habits first and get your foundations in place, think more about the food choices you are making, the amount of water your dinking, your daily activity. These are all the building blocks to get secure before you start changing more.


And lastly hold yourself accountable! Take action on the goals you want to achieve and if you need to get help! The investment is worth it to make sure you go from A to B the right way this time. Getting help to find a plan that suits you, that you understand and will get you the results you are after, is a much safer way then following a FAD diet and running yourself into the ground.


If you’re still struggling to get your ‘New Year New You’ off the ground why not get in touch for a free consultation and get on the right path to success this year


Ashlee x


Ashlee Winstanley is a qualified nutrition and lifestyle coach, on a mission to call out the BS when it comes to fad diets and quick fixes and instead prove the power of nutrition to improve your health. 

If you'd like to achieve a sense of food freedom and learn to love the right foods, Ashlee offers nutrition coaching to clients who are fed up of restrictive fad diets and want to learn a sustainable formula for life. No rules, just solid education and inspiration to guide you to love food and use it to fuel your happy, lean and healthy body.

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