Embrace your inner turtle, and make your weight loss a slow race

Embrace your inner turtle, and make your weight loss a slow race

When It comes to dieting, weight loss or transforming our body we need to think long term if we want to keep the progress for life. The lesson we learn at school is the turtle wins the race… and for  weight loss many of us may have tried to be the hare as a method to lose weight rapidly, having to go to extremes with our nutrition which also results in very unenjoyable process. A diet that restricts so many things, and ends up being awful to follow and depressing to maintain, all making it ten times hard to do.

Then 9 times out of 10 this quick fix will not last longer than a week or so (short term) before we return to where we began = all that hard work and nothing to show at the end = start all over again and repeat the process. Over and over… and you’ll find that 7 weeks in the total progress weight loss is about 1lb. This yo-yo approach – as you can see gets you nowhere over a long period of time spent on ‘a diet’.

Embrace your inner turtle, and make your weightloss a slow race


The turtle approach of slow and steady giving yourself enough time to make the changes you need technically over the same period of time you will have spent yo-yoing.

The difference with more time means a more relaxed approach, allowing more flexibility and increasing the enjoyment process by 100x! And the end result – continuous progress that LASTS! At no point will you return back to your starting position AND reach your goal!

  • Take your time.
  • Be a turtle.
  • Win your race.

Here at Body Comp we understand how important the enjoyment factor of the process is taking away the stress element and rushing results. All our clients come on a journey with us achieving continuous results they can maintain for life. For the same period of time they have tried to lose weight themselves (and put it back on) they are able to achieve the goals they set out to.

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