Introducing Coach Chris Lowden to the Body Composition Coaching Team

Introducing Coach Chris Lowden to the Body Composition Coaching Team

This week Coach Chris introduces himself, and lets you know how he can help facilitate your goals in the Body Composition Coaching family. 



I am joining the BCC team to help as many people as I can through my knowledge and experience in nutrition and fitness. You’ll find me starting to contribute to Body Comp’s Instagram and Facebook, as well as keeping my own Instagram full of complementary workouts, nutrition, and fitness. But, what’s my background?

Coach Chris Lowden

I’ve always been into sport, playing anything and everything I could, and then I found Rugby Union. I went on to play rugby semi-professionally for a number of clubs spanning a 15-year playing career. A few years ago, I discovered CrossFit and never looked back! I now coach and train at CrossFit Leyland, and compete in national competitions throughout the year, where last summer I won the Castle Games, while at the same time I was working with Body Comp Coach, Simon Hall, to ensure my nutrition improved my performance and recovery.

Coach Chris Lowden

After a successful career as a Development Officer for England Rugby, where I focused on getting more people to into rugby union, I decided to jump full time into nutrition and coaching to find a better family/work balance. At the same time I want to get a greater satisfaction from helping and guiding people to achieving their goals and improving their own health and fitness.

My first love…

My first love isn’t Rugby, CrossFit, or coaching, but my beautiful wife and 3-year-old son. Being part of a family gives me more insight into juggling a career, a family, and looking after yourself. Each week I come across the potential problems everyone faces in a family unit with a career, toddler and all other things that can pop up to distract you as you try and balance everything!

Chris in his Body Comp Tshirt

So why I have jumped on broad with Body Composition Coaching at 36?

Throughout my life my body shape and weight has gone up and down from over 115kg during rugby playing days, to now 88kgs competing in CrossFit. Through my training and nutrition, I have been able to change my body shape to suit my sport, enhance my performance and suit my lifestyle. I have tried many different diets, nutritional strategies but have settled on flexible nutrition as this allows me to eat what I want in a mindful way, rather than restricting food. I use this method to make better choices while still being able to treat myself when I want to.

What’s next?

Next month I’m excited to start contributing to Body Comp HQ’s blog, with my first article; 3 top tips to successful nutrition with a family.  I am really looking forward to helping people achieving their goals, felling more confident about their nutrition and fitness, no matter what life throws at you.

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