3 top tips to successful nutrition with a family

3 top tips to successful nutrition with a family

Looking after your nutrition when looking after a family can be difficult at times, something I know about with a little boy running around the house!

These three top quick tips make sure I ensure my nutrition is supporting my goals, as well as giving me more time with my family.

Tip One: Mindful of Wasted Time and Food

Take time at the weekend to look at the week ahead. Ask yourself some key questions;

  • When am I working?
  • Do I have any late nights out?
  • Am I going to be eating at home, in the office or even in the car travelling?
  • Do the kids need pack lunches and / or dinner?

Once you have the basic questions answered, and you’ve put them down on paper, you can plan what food during the week that you know you’ll…

  1. not have time to make
  2. be able to cook fresh from the fridge/pantry

You can now work out what to prepare verses spending hours preparing food you may not need. This frees you up for family time, and make you mindful of investing the right time to get results you want and not wasting time on food waste.

Tip Two: Cook food you are actually going to eat!

Chicken Wrap

This may sound sensible, but with all the ‘clean’ and ‘healthy’ food out there you can fall down by preparing the best meals in the world, weighed out exactly and perfectly balance, but if you don’t want to eat it, you won’t, which means your meal plans are not sustainable in the long term.  

Tip Three: Cook extras

Meal Prep and Freeze

If your preparing all this food that you want to eat and going through the meal prep time of making then why not add extra portions in. Make a few extra meals and stick them in the freezer, this is your back up for that one day you come in and your too tired to cook, need to do the kids homework, iron the school clothes or simply too tired to go grocery shopping and just need some nutritious food. If it’s in the freezer ready to reheat in the microwave, you are more likely to grab this than reach for the alternative takeaway! Make mini portions for the little ones, and you’ve both got a homemade frozen meal to have when needed.

- Coach Chris Lowden


Chris a qualified CrossFit, Rugby and Personal Training Coach with additional qualifications and experience in nutrition for performance and weight loss. He's focused on making your fitness and health fit around your lifestyle, family and work with practical tips, workouts and advice to hit your goals week in, week out.  Feel free to have a free consultation with Chris, by completing our online form

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