Who are you? 5 Hard hitting exercises to help you win

Who are you? 5 Hard hitting exercises to help you win

Do you know who you are? And what you’re about?

A compelling question that stops many dead in their tracks and is usually met by a lengthy pause, an outwardly loud exhale, a blank expression, a few “errr" and sometimes when it comes to answering a completely different shift in a persons state.

Now if you started off reading this and this just happened to you, stay with me I’m going to help you here a lot. I’m going to give you five exercises I teach in my speaking gigs that help people get clear.

Now, I'm guessing if you read this and the same effect happens to you then:

You may not be happy with the way things are at current, 

circumstances, work, body, health or career?

You know there is more to you, you may just not know what or how to unleash it?

You may be looking for a change, however just don’t know where to look?

You may know the rough areas of action however you may not feel strong enough to make them happen?

Feel like you’re clinging to things that aren’t serving you well?

Feel a little lost?

Start things and struggle to see them through or see them through without that feeling of fulfilment?

Struggle to commit to a goal or see something through to the end?

Maybe feel like you’re showing up, just not showing up as the best you can be?

Do you know who you are and where you are going. ? It is one hell of a change question and one hell of a realignment question to help gain clarity, certainty, and one that pierces through the BS and stands you in front of you at your most vulnerable? It’s direct and immediately turns your vision inwards to a place where we tend not to look mainly through fear or just the fact we are settling for comfort and ease.

Now I want you to read this and leave with something to do to end this and start making the right steps forward for you, your growth and personal transformation.

I know this one may hit home with quite a lot of you and our daily readers and if it does please get in touch and let me know and share with someone you feel this too could help.

Over the years I have directed a lot of my energy into helping people all over the world through media, writing, speaking and coaching on the right holistic approaches to creating the best health, body, life and business and how we set up to fail when we channel all our efforts into one single area.

Knowing you what does that encompass:

knowing you who you are
Knowing where you’re going
Knowing your values
Knowing what you want
Knowing your boundaries
Understanding your fears and holdbacks
Knowing what is serving you and not
Knowing what you want to give back
Identifying the actions needed

This is the stuff that keeps the water clear and keeps us in a great place. It allows us to make the right decisions, say no with ease, do the right things without clutching at straws and meet our needs in a super productive manner. Instead of one that will lead us to a short-term feel right, followed by the long-term not so feel good and more than likely leads to you feeling a little shitty.

Over the years, the place we’ve begun to neglect the most is “us” the internal and let’s be frank the primary goal for most is to be confident and happy, guess where that all starts…….. YUP inside of us, the minute we place these onto other external attachment goals, people, fitness goals, business goals it leads to a not so great place and one that tends to point to the old clutching at straws.

Which sucks as we can’t be consistent, sustain constant progress and more to the point THRIVE!

Knowing you is where all great things start for many, we help it becomes a case of really peeling back the onion. Stripping back the layers, the protective shells, the show-up masks and until we get to the one real core YOU.

And let’s be honest, over the years doing what I do, because this 1st initial step hasn’t been in place I’ve seen people:
Complete goals they hated
Build businesses that they despised
Fall in and out of relationships
Never found a line of work that fired them up
Achieve what many would call success but feel empty
Never followed that talent, sang that song, danced that dance, followed that passion

For me, from a young age, I was brought up with the saying.

"Never do business, or enter a relationship with someone who doesn’t know what they want as there will be no certainty.”

Now that is a strong thing to say which carries so much truth, however not when that saying falls right back to you….. DEEP!

So where to start with this, how do we peel back the onion and get you in tune, aligned and clear with you.

Exercise 1 HONESTY - Know where you’re at current & take a full overview.

Yup! Sit and write about all the key eight areas of life how you feel about each one and give an accurate rank from 1 - 10 (10 being good). You can only really generate change when you TRUELY know your current position. This only works if you are 100% honest:

I have listed these in the order of importance, the reason being if you lose this hierarchy you are placing everything else infant of yourself.

#1 category of the eight essential areas

Personal Health & Wellness

1 - Health & Body without this nothing else is possible if you are not able to perform at your best each area will suffer.

2 - Spirituality - not necessarily one I want you to look at from the angle/dogma of sitting under a tree, high on psychedelics, playing the ukulele and singing cumbia. But more from the point of looking in, reflecting and listening to you and being in a position you are aware of your path and growth to ensure you keep the boat following the direction you want it to go in.

3 - Family & friends to connect, meet new people, grow strong, healthy relationships is one of the critical driving needs and mainly what we as humans are here to do.

3 - Romance - With self-care you making investments into your self-love bank account doing the things that you want to do that and also what are you doing with your love life? Are you treating those you have romantic interactions with and yourself fairly?

Mini rant - I hear a lot how “I need someone to make me feel complete!” NO STOP, STOP RIGHT THERE! That thought process will always lead to a weak relationship, and a start of a failure as the other person becomes an attachment need. You MUST meet your own needs before entering into a relationship.

4 - Living environment - You are a product of your environment, are you happy with it? Is it set up to help you grow? Are you living with those that help you develop?

5 - Fun - Are you having fun? As much as we love and crave certainty and routine,
we must ensure we are still getting variety and some form of uncertainty. Are you trying new things, doing things that generate excitement, fun & variety?

#2 category of the eight essential areas


6 - Career, work, business & finance - Does your work life fulfill you? Is it what you want to do? Is it allowing you to live the life you want?

7 - Growth & Learning - the human thirst for growth carries over into so many areas, learning new skills, hobbies, developing talents are you investing any time into growing something you are passionate about.

8 - Contribution and Community - Are you giving back? We are always happiest when in service / helping others. Why do you think random acts of kindness are so fulfilling.

Once you have ranked these areas a great way to make this one more powerful is to then write in depth:

Why do you feel that way?

One small goal for the week you can do to help that area?

This little exercise or overview is excellent as it gives you structure and accountability, remember we must see progress to generate motivation.

Exercise 2 - What inspires you tends to be what you aren't tapping into and is lying dormant in you.

Make a list of 5 people that insure you.

What attributes make them inspiring (confidence, strength, authentic) write down 3 for each

Look inwards are these traits that you at current can relate to that you know you have aren’t living up to.

Exercise 3 - What advice would you give to the 6-year-old version of you?

Imagine you are between the ages of 6 & 10, remember your favourite day and then place the version of you now into that picture.

You walk up to the young version of yourself slowly, grab your younger self’s hands and look yourself dead in the eye's and give a small meaningful amount of advice for life.

What advice would you give?

You more than likely within this exercise just gave the direct advice that you need to hear and take right now. You mainly just coached yourself.

Exercise 4 - Fear set & know your holdbacks

What at current is holding you back?

What is the fear or a belief?

Answer this and question it… why? Keep going with this till you hit the mark.

Is it a fear of failure, others, judgment, success….. Remember these are the things that merely hod us back from taking any form of action, or when we are taking action become self-sabotage mechanisms.

Know your holdbacks, and you know when they arise and what you need to do to get around them.

Exercise 5 - Action Planning

All change, transformation, and growth start with action.

Answer this:

What are the habits of the person who wants to achieve your goal?

Would you be happy right now to show someone your aims, goals, and ambitions yet look at your current habit set?

If these two answers did marry then what is the action that needs to happen so that they do.

Where do you feel comfortable starting?
Is there one action you have put off making that would make immediately receive any tension, pressure, stress?
What small actions do you currently feel confident in the making?
Are you confident above an 8 out of 10 that you can make them? (if not downsize the action)

Now what is left is for you to do is start making that action happen, you don’t need anyone else permission bar your own.

So over to you. Put the phone down and go do that thing, or maybe pick the phone up if it’s a conversation that you need to have.

Knowing you is vital for all areas of growth, transformation, and change. From the general pop to the business owner to the athlete.

It is this set of foundations which will govern the rest of what follows next.

Knowing you is the critical foundation.

As always I love your feedback, tags, DM's, questions and connecting reaching outs. If this touched you or helped you get in touch, comment or share so it can help others.

 - Simon Hall 

 - Founder Body Composition Coaging Group, Events & Retreats

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