Ashlee Winstanley

Ashlee Winstanley

Personal Coach

I can proudly say that myself and the team are now helping & coaching people all over the world with a huge array of goals from health, performance and body composition.

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    • Body composition and transformation
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      Provide you with 1-to-1 support, coaching, guidance. There to listen to you, your needs and goals. We encourage you to email as much as you like.

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      Provide a bespoke nutrition, training and supplement program around your goal and lifestyle.

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      Weekly check in’s and program manipulations to ensure you are always on track and help overcome life’s daily obstacles.

      Group SessionsGroup Sessions

      Join mastermind sessions, webinars and global forums. Connect and communicate with people on the same journey.

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      Ring for support if needed (PREMIUM PACKAGE will have a weekly Skype consultation slot).

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  1. Transformation coach Ashlee Winstanley has the brains to back up her passionate crusade against faddy diets promoted in the media. Having graduated with a first in her BSc Nutrition and Health degree, Ashlee has been putting science into practice and helping women all over the world to learn to love food again. Ashlee's career path started when she was a teenager suffering with disordered eating. Living off next to nothing and spending hours doing cardio, Ashlee was on the brink of damaging her body, hormones and her sanity.

    "It was the media's so called expert advice that started me on the wrong path. Very low calorie and low carb diets with the promise of a body void of the dreaded enemy - fat meant I was literally starving myself. These diets were promoted in magazines, on TV and on Instagram. I believed it was the right way, and what all the celebrities I looked up to were doing and how they were eating. "I now know that it's all short-term irresponsible bulls*** and it made me so angry, I decided to gain all the knowledge I could for myself, and for others. With my degree in nutrition, I have put science into practice to help as many people as possible learn the truth to looking and feeling amazing." That 'truth' in addition to balanced eating and efficient resistance training, not only needs to be in order for any kind of lifestyle to be sustainable, it must also tackle the mental aspect of any kind of change. Tackling human mindset is the brand standard for Body Composition Coaching where Ashlee and the team coach their clients in-depth to find out the reasons why they want to make lasting changes. "Without the 'why' achieving any kind of goal will only ever be superficial. It's become the norm for our clients to not only make the most incredible aesthetic changes, but they excel in other areas; careers, relationships and all-round health."

    For many of Ashlee's female, fashion-forward clients it's about looking great in those party dresses all year round and stopping the yo-yo fad diets for good. As a former international bikini competitor, Ashlee is dedicated and has a rich experience of using nutrition and training to fuel incredible body transformations. She also helps many clients who have forgotten how to love food and make meals interesting. A whizz in the kitchen, you will find Ashlee cooking up a storm on our YouTube channel for the Body Comp Bites series.

    Ashlee's expertise in nutrition, training and mindset management is a powerful coaching trilogy that guarantees results whatever your goal.

  1. Rachel

    Nutrition on my first day was mind boggling but as the week has gone on and ive got into the swing of things I actually don’t find counting macros difficult!


    My transformation has been a bit tricky with my diabetes but I feel I have made good, steady progress and have learnt a lot about macros and training. A big achievement I made was tackling eating out healthily and having a balance. Also the support has been great.


    So far I have enjoyed the workouts and the flexibility of using macros. The support has been great too.


    Having experience of both training packages I can promise you with either you are never alone and the support has been second to none. With the unlimited help of my coach(es) this really has become a sustainable lifestyle change and my mindset has totally changed. This is the first time ever that I have remained so consistent on the lead up to a holiday and it was so worth it as further change has happened in the last 10 days. So far I have lost 2 dress sizes but more importantly for me I have lowered my blood sugars to that of a non diabetic and am now off my medication in 6 short months!!!!