Carl Greenslade

Carl Greenslade

Personal Coach

I can proudly say that myself and the team are now helping & coaching people all over the world with a huge array of goals from health, performance and body composition.

Specialities Features Biography
    • Body Recomposition & Transformation
    • Performance Nutrition
    • Performance Training
    • Health & Wellness
    • Personal SupportPersonal Support

      Provide you with 1-to-1 support, coaching, guidance. There to listen to you, your needs and goals. We encourage you to email as much as you like.

      Nutrition Program

      Provide a bespoke nutrition, training and supplement program around your goal and lifestyle.

      Weekly Plan

      Weekly check in’s and program manipulations to ensure you are always on track and help overcome life’s daily obstacles.

      Group SessionsGroup Sessions

      Join mastermind sessions, webinars and global forums. Connect and communicate with people on the same journey.

      Phone SupportPhone/Skype Support

      Ring for support if needed (PREMIUM PACKAGE will have a weekly Skype consultation slot).

      Exclusive AccessExclusive Access

      Use of all Body Compositions affiliations, loyalties and get access to our membership platform.

  1. Meet Carl Greenslade, one of the most dedicated coaches in the fitness industry who lives to cut through the crap and deliver his no-nonsense, banter-fuelled fun style of coaching.

    Carl’s passion is helping people to realise that achieving goals can be much simpler and easier than they realise.

    A font of fitness knowledge, Carl focuses on quality coaching where clients are able to stay as long as they need, but they aren’t just in it for a quick fix. Carl’s brand of coaching is about much more than building muscle or fat loss. It's about being a confidante, an understanding ear, a friend and someone to motivate and inspire.

    The mindset part of any transformation is one of the most important aspects and something Carl encourages clients to delve deep into, supported every step of the way, for the greatest results.

    Sporty from a young age (we think he came out the womb flexing!), Carl really takes people under his wing and delivers his expert advice to get consistently impressive results. He cheers on his clients and helps them get to every milestone marker along the journey through sound nutrition coaching, training and personal development techniques.

    Based in Didsbury, Manchester, Carl is centrally located for those who require the occasional more intensive and in-depth personal 1-2-1 support, but also coaches clients online from all over the world.

    You'll find Carl helping a multitude of clients feel and look their best and excels with helping Cross Fit enthusiasts, event athletes and those who love to lift weights ramp up their technique and performance.

    If you'd like to book a chat with Carl, let us know.It's really easy to schedule a call, it's free and there's no obligation. Use it to get a personal kick start in the right direction, learn more about coaching, or decide if Carl is the guy for you and your upcoming transformation.

    Just email the team to schedule a call at your convenience with Carl by emailing