Simon Hall

Simon Hall

Personal Coach

I can proudly say that myself and the team are now helping & coaching people all over the world with a huge array of goals from health, performance and body composition.

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    • Body-recomposition & Transformation
    • Health Nutrition (gut, thyroid, metabolism)
    • Lean Muscle, strength and hypertrophy
    • Performance Training
    • Performance Nutrition
    • Contest / Shoot Prep
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    • Personal SupportPersonal Support

      Provide you with 1-to-1 support, coaching, guidance. There to listen to you, your needs and goals. We encourage you to email as much as you like.

      Nutrition Program

      Provide a bespoke nutrition, training and supplement program around your goal and lifestyle.

      Weekly Plan

      Weekly check in’s and program manipulations to ensure you are always on track and help overcome life’s daily obstacles.

      Group SessionsGroup Sessions

      Join mastermind sessions, webinars and global forums. Connect and communicate with people on the same journey.

      Phone SupportPhone/Skype Support

      Ring for support if needed (PREMIUM PACKAGE will have a weekly Skype consultation slot).

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      Use of all Body Compositions affiliations, loyalties and get access to our membership platform.

  1. After coming away from competing as a gymnast, I found myself faced with my own personal battle with gut issues. This led to me feeling constantly lethargic, having poor cognition, which impacting on the way I looked and felt from day to day, and worst of all I was unable to enjoy the foods I loved as I began to react to them.

    This for me was a hard blow, however, it was this personal battle which led me down the Education path, where I soon became familiar of the real power of nutrition and lifestyle, which once applied soon led to the gut issues disappearing.

    It was through my own personal journey that I realised I wasn't the only one that has struggled with issues, and that there are a tremendous amount of people out there who are yet to experience the true power of optimal living and it’s effects on body composition, health and performance.

    This led to the start of Body Composition Coaching, where I can proudly say myself and the team, now help & coach people all over the world to achieve their full potential.

  1. Paul Maddern

    Life changing - without a shadow of a doubt star5ng up with Simon was the single biggest game-changer in my life. Ini5ally the goal was to look the best I ever had for my wedding day, something we absolutely smashed in a mere 16 weeks. However since then he has helped me develop a confidence and belief I did not previously have. Working with Simon is not just about geFng "buff" or looking good, there is much more to it than that. It is more about opening up your eyes to see how by making simple changes and being consistent, combined with the right support framework we are all capable of more than we can ever imagine.

    Choosing a coach/mentor/trainer is a minefield these days so let me make it simple, if you want the best, want guaranteed results and have a desire to change there is no-one out there who comes close to Simon. The guy's energy is infec5ous

    Debi Crompton

    After struggling with my health for over 10 years I decided something needed to be done I'd heard positive feedback on a number of occasions about Simon and my GP told me nothing else could be done other than medication When I first met Simon I suffered badly with reflux/heartburn constantly I was on 3 different types of prescribed medication per day the bile was affecting my throat and teeth. I also had high cholesterol and a under active thyroid I didn't eat much during the day yet I was very bloated and putting on weight I felt so low and weary. From day 1 of meeting Simon he assured me anything was possible I just needed to believe and work hard to achieve this.

    Since I met Simon 14 months ago from day 1 I never took another tablet for heartburn it was a long process and still is ongoing repairing my stomach and eliminating what I was intolerant to. My iron levels went from 3% to 17% and I had much more energy. Cholesterol went from 5.4 to 4.1 and my thyroid has gone from 0.3 to 23.4 which has amazed the Doctor in fact I'm being retested in January with a view to coming off or reducing my medication which usually is for life. I lost 6kgs by eating in fact I've never eaten as much in my life and have struggled to fit it all in a day but you do I don't work out I've never gone to the gym but if I did I would see even more of a progress I did it for health reasons and I could never thank Simon enough for his patience and help to make you see it's about changing your lifestyle. I learnt so much from him and it was the best thing I've ever done as its had such a huge positive impact on my life.

    Richard Keeting

    For years I had wanted to get in to the best shape of my life and while I had trained on and off and tried to "eat right" with no real plan. When I truly committed and began to work with Simon everything clicked. I truly believe you cannot underestimate the importance nutrition plays. With Simons guidance as well as his amazing support as a coach it all became possible and I have never looked and more importantly felt better! If you want to achieve the best health of your life, commit with Simon today!